• Client: Art institute – IDEAL Location: Sindhu Bhavan , Ahmedabad Domain: College / Institute for Art Service : Website Design Website Development Social Media Admission base Lead generation E – Marketing Photography for Events Media and News PR Live URL: Website: http://idealinstituteofdesign.com/

    Case Study: Art Institute – IDEAL: Elevating Art Education through Digital Innovation

    Client Overview:

    • Client: Art Institute – IDEAL
    • Location: Sindhu Bhavan, Ahmedabad
    • Domain: College/Institute for Art
    • Services:
      • Website Design
      • Website Development
      • Social Media Management
      • Admission-based Lead Generation
      • E-Marketing
      • Photography for Events
      • Media and News PR
    • Live URL: IDEAL Institute of Design

    Objective: Art Institute – IDEAL, situated in Sindhu Bhavan, Ahmedabad, aimed to position itself as a premier destination for art education. The objective was to leverage digital strategies to enhance the institute’s online presence, streamline admission processes, and engage with the art community through various channels.


    1. Digital Presence Enhancement:
      • Establishing a modern and engaging online presence was crucial to attract prospective students and showcase IDEAL’s commitment to art education.
    2. Lead Generation for Admissions:
      • Implementing effective strategies for admission-based lead generation required targeted approaches and engaging content.
    3. Art Community Engagement:
      • Engaging with the local art community and prospective students demanded a strong presence on social media and in the news.


    Our team developed a comprehensive strategy to address IDEAL’s challenges and achieve their objectives:

    1. Website Design and Development:
      • Collaborated closely with IDEAL to understand their vision and values.
      • Designed and developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website to serve as a showcase for courses, faculty, and artistic achievements.
    2. Social Media Management:
      • Conducted a thorough analysis of IDEAL’s target audience and competitors.
      • Developed a social media strategy to highlight student projects, art events, and engage with the art community on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    3. Admission-based Lead Generation:
      • Implemented targeted digital marketing campaigns to reach potential students.
      • Created landing pages and forms to capture leads interested in admissions, workshops, and art programs.
    4. E-Marketing:
      • Developed and executed e-marketing campaigns to promote courses, workshops, and upcoming events.
      • Utilized newsletters and email campaigns to nurture leads and maintain communication with the art community.
    5. Photography for Events:
      • Provided event photography services to capture the vibrancy and creativity of IDEAL’s art events.
      • Used visual content to promote future events and showcase the institute’s dynamic atmosphere.
    6. Media and News PR:
      • Created press releases and media kits for significant events and achievements.
      • Fostered relationships with local media outlets to secure coverage for IDEAL in newspapers, magazines, and online publications.


    1. Website Design and Development:
      • Worked closely with IDEAL’s team to outline the structure, design, and functionality of the website.
      • Developed a responsive website with an intuitive interface, highlighting courses, faculty profiles, and student galleries.
    2. Social Media Management:
      • Established and optimized social media profiles on platforms relevant to IDEAL’s target audience.
      • Developed a content calendar to ensure consistent and engaging posts, fostering community engagement.
    3. Admission-based Lead Generation:
      • Launched targeted digital marketing campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media.
      • Integrated lead capture forms on the website and landing pages to collect information from interested students.
    4. E-Marketing:
      • Designed visually appealing e-marketing materials for newsletters and email campaigns.
      • Executed scheduled email campaigns to keep the audience informed about upcoming courses, workshops, and events.
    5. Photography for Events:
      • Assigned professional photographers to capture the essence of IDEAL’s art events.
      • Utilized high-quality event photographs for promotional purposes on the website and social media.
    6. Media and News PR:
      • Created press releases and distributed them to local media outlets.
      • Cultivated relationships with art and education journalists to secure coverage for IDEAL in relevant publications.


    1. Enhanced Digital Presence:
      • The redesigned website and active social media presence contributed to increased visibility and engagement.
    2. Successful Admission-based Lead Generation:
      • Targeted digital marketing campaigns resulted in a steady flow of qualified leads for admissions.
    3. Engaged Art Community:
      • Social media engagement and event photography showcased IDEAL’s involvement in the local art community.
    4. Media Coverage and PR Success:
      • Press releases and media outreach resulted in coverage in local newspapers, magazines, and online platforms.


    The collaboration with IDEAL illustrates the transformative impact of a comprehensive digital strategy. By addressing website design, social media management, admission-based lead generation, e-marketing, event photography, and media PR, IDEAL has established itself as a vibrant hub for art education in Ahmedabad. This case study emphasizes the importance of a strategic and holistic approach in achieving success in the competitive field of art education.

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