Case Study: SVD Lycra – Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity and Elevating Product Presentation

Client Overview:

  • Client: SVD Lycra
  • Services:
    • Logo Design
    • Packaging
    • Domain Setup
    • Photo Shoot and Modeling

Objective: SVD Lycra, a brand specializing in lycra-based products, aimed to establish a strong and distinctive brand identity. The objective included creating an impactful logo, designing eye-catching packaging, setting up an online presence with a dedicated domain, and showcasing products through high-quality photo shoots and modeling.


  1. Brand Identity Establishment:
    • Creating a unique and memorable brand identity that reflects the essence of SVD Lycra’s products.
  2. Product Presentation:
    • Designing packaging that not only protects the products but also enhances their visual appeal on shelves.
  3. Online Presence:
    • Setting up a dedicated domain to establish an official online presence for SVD Lycra.
  4. Visual Representation:
    • Conducting a photo shoot and modeling session to visually represent the products in a way that resonates with the target audience.


Our team developed a comprehensive strategy to address SVD Lycra’s challenges and achieve their objectives:

  1. Logo Design:
    • Conducted brand workshops to understand SVD Lycra’s values, target audience, and product positioning.
    • Designed a distinctive and versatile logo that represented the brand’s identity and values.
  2. Packaging Design:
    • Collaborated with SVD Lycra to understand packaging requirements and the visual language that aligns with the brand.
    • Designed packaging that not only ensures product protection but also enhances the overall visual appeal on retail shelves.
  3. Domain Setup:
    • Assisted in selecting and registering a suitable domain that aligns with SVD Lycra’s brand and products.
    • Configured the domain to ensure a seamless online presence for the brand.
  4. Photo Shoot and Modeling:
    • Planned and executed a professional photo shoot to capture high-quality images of SVD Lycra’s products.
    • Organized a modeling session to showcase the products in real-life scenarios, connecting with the target audience.


  1. Logo Design:
    • Presented multiple logo concepts, refining the chosen design based on client feedback.
    • Finalized the logo and provided guidelines for consistent usage across various platforms.
  2. Packaging Design:
    • Created packaging prototypes for client approval, incorporating feedback for the final design.
    • Ensured the packaging design not only adhered to branding guidelines but also stood out on retail shelves.
  3. Domain Setup:
    • Conducted domain research to identify an available and relevant domain for SVD Lycra.
    • Handled the domain registration and set up the necessary configurations for a functional and professional website.
  4. Photo Shoot and Modeling:
    • Collaborated with a professional photographer and models to ensure a visually appealing representation of SVD Lycra’s products.
    • Coordinated the photo shoot and modeling session, capturing images that align with the brand’s image and target audience.


  1. Distinctive Brand Identity:
    • The newly designed logo contributed to a distinctive brand identity for SVD Lycra, helping it stand out in the market.
  2. Eye-Catching Packaging:
    • The packaging design not only ensured product protection but also attracted attention on retail shelves, contributing to increased sales.
  3. Online Presence:
    • Get right name with SEO friendly keywords
  4. Visual Representation:
    • The professional photo shoot and modeling session resulted in visually appealing images that resonated with the target audience.


The collaboration with SVD Lycra demonstrates the success of a comprehensive approach in establishing a distinctive brand identity and enhancing product presentation. By addressing logo design, packaging, domain setup, and conducting a professional photo shoot with modeling, SVD Lycra achieved a cohesive and visually appealing brand image. This case study underscores the importance of a strategic and holistic approach in achieving success in the competitive world of product branding and retail.

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