Why e-Mailer is important

e-Mailers one of the most important tools for any individual or organization that understand the importance of Email Marketing campaigns. e-Mailers are used to create new business prospects, leads, introduce new products and services and to build a strong relationship with both new and existing customers. e-Mailers allow effective communication through the direct approach and at customer’s convenience.

Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns

1) Welcome e-Mailer – Welcome e-Mailers, as the name suggests, are sent to potential leads when they are most open to learning about your company.These need to be effective as they can convert a potential lead to a life-long customer. These can be sent in a series of 2-4 emails depending on your product or service.

2) Seasonal e-Mailer – These emails are sent to boost marketing and sales during festivals or holiday seasons.

The campaign can be divided into 2 parts –
– As a build-up to the event
– As a follow up after, providing more ‘touch -points’ with the customer.

3) Promotional Campaign – It’s the most famous member of the email marketing family. It is unfortunately used by marketers to blatantly bombard receiver’s inbox with zero- strategy or a systematic approach. If used properly, through a progressive build up and past customer behavior, it’s the best email tool to use.

4) Triggered Email Series – With the implementation of Automation you can send a series of emails based on the user’s action. Triggered emails have a proven track record of better revenue generation as compared to standard promotional emails.

5) Social Connect e-Mailers – The purpose of social e-mailers is to engage people in the newsfeed from your email to the social platform and then back again to your email. With a huge and active social-media community, there are greater chances of lead conversion.

6) The Newsletter Campaign – Also known as the ‘Smart Email’, as these don’t deal with sales directly but rather gives businesses an opportunity to keep their customers engaged and aware of new products, events or simply to educate them. This is to build brand loyalty and audience base.

7) Re-engagement e-Mailers – These email campaigns are focused on making an effort to re-engage dormant subscribers. If there is no response to a series of emails you may determine if they can ever be re-engaged. If not, wouldn’t it be better to clean the email list and simply focus on active subscribers?


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