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Why Video impacts the most?

BrandPAPA understands the benefits of video marketing for business ROI. Text based content may less engage your target audience when compared to a video based content. Using the video platform we combine text, sound, and video to create stunning and interactive promotional videos that help our clients to reach out to their audience in a matter of no time through social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

We make sure our videos are also cost effective as we use open image clips and royalty free music in most cases. We also provide voice-over services through professional artists for product and services video marketing campaigns.

Video based promotions help businesses to create a Brand with dedicated followers on social media platforms.

Constructing a house without a blueprint is ill-advised, and the same principle applies to video marketing campaigns – it’s crucial to have a storyboard. Developing a video storyboard provides a visual preview of the video’s appearance, even before its creation, ensuring a clear understanding of the anticipated outcome. This thoughtful preparation is key to achieving the desired results in your video marketing endeavours.


Videos have become the preferred medium for viewing content online and promoting products and services.  Team BrandPAPA uses both 2D and 3D animation and infographics to create attention grabbing videos that help in building a Brand and making your campaign a success.

BrandPAPA makes innovative and distinctive films with a Production House like focus. We have taken video advertising to the next level by creating landmark campaigns for numerous brands. Our animators, videographers, writers, and technicians operate at the confluence of client needs.

BrandPAPA specializes in creating affordable animated video campaigns that explain what your business does

and the services and products you offer. We embed ‘video presenter/ spokespersons’ in the video campaigns and this helps to increase user engagement and deliver a lasting impression.

Our designers create custom made stunning, impressive and smooth logo intro animations in full HD video and up to 4k video resolution. We create logos, introductory videos and music visualizations for your website, corporate presentations and social media channels like Youtube, Instagram, Dailymotion.

BrandPAPA video production and the digital market teams know how to explore the Internet media and online social networks to promote brand awareness to meet marketing & publicity goals. The videos we create have a high Social Networking Potential (SNP) and get passed along.

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