Power of Print Media:

Media is one of the most powerful ways to get into the eyes of your audience and put the impact of the Brand into the market. We provide strategic consultation to invest your marketing budget with the best way into Print Media for optimum output. Newspapers are still the number one medium for influencing any public opinion on any subject. Whether its news, opinions, advertising or interviews, written, spoken or filmed, its information that provides the direction and structure to the reader’s viewpoint. BP has industry leaders on its team to guide you at all times.

Interviews and PR (Public Relations):

BrandPAPA has the best connections to give organizations and individuals the right platform for PR and interview coverage for print and online media. Our team helps with organizing and conducting Interviews and PR engagement smoothly and making it available to the right audience and market

Newspaper Ad:

BrandPAPA help its clients smoothly run print ads in local, national and international, daily or weekly news publications. With BP you get the guidance to plan your Ad campaign like – the size of your ad(s), what publication(s) you want to use, what sections of the paper(s) you want your ads in, the frequency with which you run the ads, and in color or black and white.

News Analysis and Tracking:

BrandPAPA has access to the latest and trusted tools and has invested heavily in the human capital who knows how to use these tools to be able to capture, analyze and present data in easy to understand information. The team actively evaluates competitor data, news, and strategy to forecast and develop future success strategy.

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