Power of Voice Media:

BrandPAPA totally understands the power of Voice Media as it knows the impact it creates and we analyze a lot more than just impressions to understand the medium’s coverage. Voice media offers less cluttered medium for advertisement and information sharing while creating recall value based on loyal audience base.

FM and Radio Channels:

BrandPAPA’s team of Radio industry veterans and active players help organize and personally oversee the setting up of interviews and also brief first-time interviewees how to engage with the medium to make it more impactful and to get the message across. BP has campaign managers to help you advertise on Radio and choose the best options – slot, listener’s base, demographic coverage etc.

Web Voice Channels / Podcast:

With web viewership and subscription sky-rocketing with the ease of accessibility on mobile devices -Audio podcasts, interviews, storytelling and product information dissemination have taken up to the medium greatly and rapidly evolving to catch up to the audience expectations. BP has tapped into the medium and has strong plans in place to make every channel and pod a success.

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