Case Study: Skyrocketing Success for Frankfinn Aviation Institute: A Digital Triumph

Client Overview: Company: Frankfinn Aviation Institute Services:

  • Digital Media Management for 7 Centers Across India
  • Production and Video Services for Events
  • Lead Generation via Social Media and Google Objective: Achieve 3X Growth in Admissions within 6 Months


  1. Multi-Center Digital Presence: Managing digital media for seven centers across India required a cohesive strategy to ensure brand consistency and local relevance.
  2. Event Promotion: Effective video production and event promotion were essential for creating engaging content and showcasing the institute’s offerings.
  3. Lead Generation Goals: The client aimed to significantly increase admissions within a short timeframe, necessitating robust lead generation strategies.


Our team developed a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges and meet Frankfinn Aviation Institute’s objectives:

  1. Digital Media Management:
    • Conducted an audit of existing digital media channels for each center.
    • Developed a centralized strategy with localized adaptations for each center to ensure a consistent brand image.
  2. Production and Video Services:
    • Collaborated with Frankfinn Aviation Institute to identify key events and opportunities for video production.
    • Developed visually appealing and informative videos to showcase the institute’s facilities, courses, and success stories.
  3. Lead Generation via Social Media and Google:
    • Conducted thorough audience research to tailor lead generation campaigns for each center.
    • Executed targeted social media and Google Ads campaigns to reach prospective students interested in aviation courses.
  4. Performance Tracking and Optimization:
    • Implemented analytics tools to monitor the performance of digital media campaigns.
    • Regularly analyzed data to optimize strategies for maximum lead generation and conversion.


  1. Digital Media Management:
    • Developed a centralized content calendar with localized variations for each center.
    • Regularly updated social media profiles, engaging with the audience and sharing relevant content.
  2. Production and Video Services:
    • Identified key events, such as workshops, seminars, and student achievements, for video production.
    • Produced high-quality videos highlighting the institute’s strengths, faculty, and success stories.
  3. Lead Generation via Social Media and Google:
    • Created targeted ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
    • Utilized audience segmentation and retargeting strategies to maximize the impact of lead generation efforts.
  4. Performance Tracking and Optimization:
    • Implemented Google Analytics and social media analytics tools to track campaign performance.
    • Regularly analyzed data, adjusted targeting parameters, and optimized ad content for improved results.


  1. Cohesive Multi-Center Presence:
    • Implemented a centralized digital strategy that maintained a consistent brand image while catering to the unique characteristics of each center.
  2. Engaging Event Promotion:
    • Video production and event promotion led to increased engagement and interest from potential students.
  3. Exponential Growth in Admissions:
    • Achieved a remarkable 3X growth in admissions within the targeted 6-month period.
  4. Successful Lead Generation:
    • Lead generation campaigns on social media and Google Ads resulted in a significant increase in qualified leads.
  5. Optimized Campaigns:
    • Continuous monitoring and optimization of campaigns ensured efficient budget utilization and improved results over time.


The collaboration with Frankfinn Aviation Institute stands as a testament to the transformative power of a comprehensive digital strategy. By addressing the institute’s multi-center digital presence, event promotion, and lead generation goals, the digital triumph resulted in a substantial increase in admissions within a short timeframe. This case study highlights the importance of strategic digital marketing in achieving significant growth and success in the competitive education industry.

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