Case Study: Elevating Miss Riya Subodh’s Digital Presence: A Star in the Spotlight

Client Overview: Name: Miss Riya Subodh Achievement: Winner of MTV India’s Next Top Model

Objective: Miss Riya Subodh, an accomplished winner of MTV India’s Next Top Model, sought to enhance her digital presence and engagement. The objective was to establish a vibrant and impactful social media profile, execute strategic boost plans, forge event tie-ups, and secure brand ambassador collaborations to elevate her personal brand.


  1. Digital Visibility: Despite being a prominent figure, Miss Riya Subodh faced challenges in maximizing her digital visibility and engagement.
  2. Strategic Boosting: The client required a structured plan to boost her online presence strategically, ensuring increased reach and engagement.
  3. Event Collaborations: Miss Riya Subodh sought to participate in relevant events and collaborations to maintain a dynamic and interactive profile.
  4. Brand Ambassador Tie-ups: The client aimed to associate with brands as a brand ambassador, aligning with her personal brand and values.
  5. Social and Profile Management: Efficient management of social media profiles, maintaining a consistent brand image, and engaging with the audience were crucial aspects.


Our team devised a comprehensive strategy to address Miss Riya Subodh’s objectives:

  1. Social Media Profile Handling:
    • Conducted an audit of Miss Riya Subodh’s existing social media profiles.
    • Developed a content strategy to align with her personal brand, values, and engage her target audience effectively.
  2. Boost Plan:
    • Analyzed audience demographics and engagement patterns.
    • Implemented a boost plan, incorporating sponsored posts, targeted advertisements, and collaborations to expand her reach.
  3. Event Tie-ups:
    • Researched and identified relevant events in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries.
    • Facilitated collaborations and participation in key events to enhance Miss Riya Subodh’s presence.
  4. Brand Ambassador Tie-ups:
    • Identified brands aligned with Miss Riya Subodh’s image and values.
    • Facilitated discussions and negotiations for brand ambassador partnerships.
  5. Social and Profile Management:
    • Implemented a content calendar for consistent and engaging posts.
    • Monitored and responded to audience interactions, ensuring active engagement.


  1. Social Media Profile Handling:
    • Revamped social media profiles with updated visuals, a cohesive aesthetic, and engaging content.
    • Established a content calendar for regular updates, including behind-the-scenes glimpses, fashion insights, and personal moments.
  2. Boost Plan:
    • Conducted targeted boosting campaigns based on audience demographics and peak engagement times.
    • Utilized data analytics to refine and optimize the boost plan for maximum impact.
  3. Event Tie-ups:
    • Identified fashion shows, beauty expos, and entertainment events for Miss Riya Subodh’s participation.
    • Negotiated collaborations and secured invitations for key events.
  4. Brand Ambassador Tie-ups:
    • Conducted outreach to brands in the fashion and beauty industry.
    • Facilitated discussions, negotiations, and contract finalization for brand ambassador partnerships.
  5. Social and Profile Management:
    • Engaged with the audience through interactive posts, polls, and Q&A sessions.
    • Monitored comments and messages, responding promptly to maintain an active and engaged community.


  1. Enhanced Digital Visibility:
    • Miss Riya Subodh experienced a substantial increase in digital visibility, with a surge in followers and engagement on social media platforms.
  2. Strategic Boosting Success:
    • The implemented boost plan resulted in increased reach, engagement, and interactions with the target audience.
  3. Successful Event Collaborations:
    • Miss Riya Subodh participated in key fashion shows and events, contributing to her status as a prominent figure in the fashion and entertainment industry.
  4. Brand Ambassador Success:
    • Secured brand ambassador tie-ups with renowned fashion and beauty brands, aligning with Miss Riya Subodh’s personal brand.
  5. Active Social and Profile Management:
    • Efficient social and profile management led to a vibrant and engaged community, fostering a positive and interactive digital space.


Miss Riya Subodh’s journey is a testament to the success achieved through a holistic digital strategy. By focusing on social media profile handling, strategic boosting, event tie-ups, brand ambassador collaborations, and active social and profile management, her digital presence has not only flourished but has also solidified her position as a notable figure in the fashion and entertainment industry. This case study underscores the importance of a well-rounded approach to personal brand management in the digital age.

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