It’s okay to judge a book by its cover

Creating a Corporate Identity for that Perfect Visual Impression
Vector corporate mock up. Set items with the tablet, cover, business card, bag, envelope, pencil and pen.

Brand your Product Effectively.

At BrandPAPA our designers create package designs that help our clients to promote their brand and entice buyers through super product branding designs. Our team tries to capture expressions of the brand’s promise and connect with the consumer in a friendly design solution. We showcase the product in the best possible manner through impactful visual designs that deliver the message straight forward and strike a chord with your consumer.

Our research has shown that investing in a professional packaging design can directly and considerably improve sales, growth, profits and product turnover. Our design team offers different packaging concepts as samples with 2D & 3D modeling.  Right from design drafts on-paper to 3D video animations for a virtual view of the packaging, we cover it all.

Our team of creative designers is dedicated to crafting product packages that not only captivate but also retain the interest of your consumers amidst the distractions posed by competing brands. Through thoughtful design choices, we leverage colors that not only resonate with the brand but also complement the specific product. Strategic incorporation of images and infographics enhances immediate brand recognition, making your product stand out on the shelves.

In addition to visual appeal, our designs are meticulously prepared to include ready-to-print barcode services seamlessly integrated into the packaging. This ensures not only aesthetic attractiveness but also practical functionality, facilitating efficient and accurate tracking of your products through the supply chain. With our comprehensive approach, we aim to elevate your brand presence and facilitate a memorable and seamless consumer experience.

Our design team creates custom designs for the packaging and helps our clients get a fair idea about how the packaging would look using both 2D/ 3D output. Our designs are both eye-catchy and also compliment the material to be used for packaging.

We make sure the design samples include the necessary information on the packaging. Right from writing the content, its placement and covering the mandatory info we make sure that our team covers it all while maintaining the aesthetics of the design.

A visually attractive package needs to have the right colors so that consumers can easily relate and identify with the product. The colors and images that we use are based on the target audience. We use great infographics to list out all the specifications in an easy to understand format.

Along with the design services, we also provide our expert suggestions based on the vast experience we have gained over the years about the packaging industry. We provide inputs for the dimensions, product-centric, weatherproof, ease of opening, reusability, and re-cycle / eco-friendly material etc.

Consumers seek products that are packaged to reflect a modern, innovative, and unique feel. BrandPAPA will help you to deliver a unique experience while being different from your competitors. The packaging should complement the product and the consumer should feel involved (involve them while using the package and keep it easy).

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