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Paid advertising services include promoting your products or services by means of Digital advertisement mediums such as Google Adwords(PPC), social media – FB/Twitter/ Pinterest, instagram, e-newspaper & e-magazines ads, and mobile app ads.

These online modes of advertising provide a great ROI by reaching out to the right audience directly and effectively. We produce the content in a manner that it captures the essence of the advertisement and promotes the product or service in the most impactful way possible.

Brand PAPA manages traffic to your website or blog through Search Engine Ads through PPC, CPC, CPM and Paid Search Ads. Our team uses innovative solutions with an effective methodology to reach the maximum number of audience through various advertisement campaigns to help you convert potential leads into customers.

We also share insights of each campaign to evaluate the overall success ratio and to prepare for the next campaign in an agile manner.

Facebook serves as an invaluable platform for connecting with your target audience through a strategic approach. Functioning as a social media giant, Facebook provides a wealth of user details such as age, location, interests, and search history related to shopping. Leveraging this information allows businesses to ensure optimal alignment between their products or services and the preferences of potential customers through boosted ads or paid marketing efforts. This strategic utilization of Facebook’s data-rich environment facilitates reaching the most relevant audience, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of marketing endeavors.

Google is the place where you can find your customer with strategic approach. Being a social media platform, Facebook has details like age, location, interest and search history for shopping to ensure the best match for your product or services by ad boost or paid marketing.

LinkedIN is the most trusted site for professional networking, and if you provide consulting, IT or service based offerings as your product then this could be the right choice.

Linkedin has all professional data which help you to reach decision makers and get them turn towards your offerings, product or services.

Tweet Marketing is one of the quick contact strategy, where you can pus few ad based upon trend and most trendy topics or hashtags. Tweeter could help you to engage your prospects effectively too.

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